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There is currently five states that have a "Medication Aide" training course for STNA's to be able to pass medication to pt. This is a 120 hour program according to the Ohio board of nursing. I... Read More

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    Quote from OCNRN63
    Sorry, I wouldn't want a med aide for two major reasons:

    1. What a med aide does reflects on my license. If you screw up, I'm the one with the license to lose, not you. I worked hard to get that license. I'm not going to let a med aide potentially take it away from me.

    2. Delegating med administration to med aides is just one more way for administrators to "dumb-down" nursing skills. "Oh, it's just passing pills." It's much more than that. Nurses assess their patients while they are giving meds. Med aides don't assess and evaluate patients. What next are they going to consider something that can be turfed to an "aide?" This is one more step toward the dumbing-down of our profession. We, licensed nurses, need to fight this. If someone wants to pass medications and look like a nurse, then go to nursing school and learn how to do it right. Med aides may be well intentioned, but they simply don't have the education of a nurse.
    Medication aides in Texas are certified so they do stand to lose their certification too. You are taught all the side effects and what to watch out for. You are also taught to assess the patient before giving meds. You are not taught to just "pass a pill". You are taught what to check before hand and after.