medical examiner nurse?

  1. I would like to know if nurses ever work with/as a medical examiner, a coroner, or death investigator. I live in NYC but if anyone anywhere has any info it would be helpful!
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  3. by   RN007
    Here's some info off Google:

    National Association of Medical Examiners - Forensic Nursing
    Forensic Nursing
    Thursday, 01 September 2005

    Nurses have been involved in death investigation in some offices as death investigators working for a medical examiner or coroner, as administrators in medical examiner/coroner offices, and in some cases, nurses have become elected coroners. Forensic nursing is an emerging field within the nursing profession. A specialty board certification in forensic nursing does not yet exist, however. Most forensic nurses are involved with examinations of living patients, especially the sexual assault nurse examiners who conduct some examinations and evidence collection from living people who have been sexually assaulted. Some forensic nurses may also be involved in death investigation processes. Further information about forensic nursing may be obtained from the International Association of Forensic Nurses at International Association of Forensic Nurses .
    Also found: American Forensic Nurses v3.0
  4. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    Maybe try the Forensic Nurse Forum, there might be some threads there about this topic.