Med-surg and still wating for a call

  1. Has anyone not gotten a med-surg job (new grad)? I interviewed for a med-surg job about a week and a half ago. The clinical coordinator told me she doesn't hire anyone on the the spot, and gives the interviewee 24 hours to think about it, and then the interviewee can call her back. Well I left her a message twice, and she has not returned the call to let me know one way or the other. I am very suprised. I told her I already accepted a prn position with another company before she called me. I am not sure if this had something to do with it. I really don't know what to think. I didn't think I did a bad interview. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    I think that you don't want to work for any company that asks you to call them back to see if you got the job. And certainly not for one who doesn't return those calls.
  4. by   Wheaties
    I've been working as an RN for 6 months now in a M/S unit. I find it odd that you havent been hired yet even though u said u accepted a prn position at another place. It shouldn't affect it at all just because u took that prn position. I dont think u gave a bad interview because I know for a fact that i give the worst interview in this forum or in the world, lol I think they need you, unless they have lot of nurses and dont need extra staffing, which is a highly unlikely situation because we know for a fact that there's not enough nurses.

    Hell, the place I work at hires new grads w/o a problem because they are really short staff. So, just try and call again.
  5. by   meownsmile
    Go to another facility. This person wants to see people grovel for some reason. One contact following an interview is plenty enough and if they want a second interview then that should suffice itself.
    Med/surg does hire new grads. We love them because you will learn and know your basics before you move on to another specialty area. Or you may just decide med/surg is your niche and want to stick around.

    If you are in the same area you did your clinicals, go to the facilities that you worked clinicals in. Use your clinical instructors for references (of course with their blessings), and talk to them about helping you get your foot in the door at a good facility.
  6. by   MoriahRoseRN
    Thank you all for the replys. I sent her a thank you note, and I think I will leave it at that. In the interview she did mention she had her pick of nurses. I am not sure what that means, because I have been hearing nursing shortage for way too long. Thank you all for posting, I am feeling a whole lot better about this now. I was feeling a little down and rejected about it at first. My thoughts were what is so wrong with me that I could not land a med-surg job at this particular facility? Well I am moving on.