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  1. Hello,
    I was wondering how long it took you med/surg nurses to feel comfortable with the job? Especially, the new grads that went into Med/surg. I feel a little more like I am drowning everyday
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  3. by   A_Nightingale55
    I can tell you that I've been a med/surg nurse for the past 15 years and it takes at least a year before you begin feeling somewhat comfortable..Med/Surg is a tough area to work in, take it from one who know's, and you never feel "totally" comfortable and organized..It just depends on the day..I've been out of work for the past 8 weeks due to an injury to my rotator cuff (too much lifting on the job), and I am very apprehensive about returning..Tomorrow is the day and I guess I'll just go back and see how it goes..Best of luck in your nursing career..
  4. by   sjoe
    9 months to a year sounds about right. Of course, just as you feel comfortable, a patient arrives with something you've not encountered since briefly noticing it in your nursing school med-surg text book.
  5. by   shannonRN
    just starting to feel really comfortable...been on this floor for a little over 1 year. i like to reread over my books and notes when i come upon some disease state that i am unfamiliar with. there is a lot to learn about med-surg but then that is true for every nursing speciality.

    have you talked with your preceptors regarding your feelings? you definately need to talk with them!! my experience is that if you think that they aren't helping you much now as a gn, then they really aren't going to make themselves accessible to you as a rn. always ask questions. if someone makes a rude comment, just reply that you would rather be safe than sorry. good luck to you! and let us know how it goes.
  6. by   Shevalove
    Well, I want to say good luck to you also, Nightingale.

    I think my preceptor is really good, I just feel like there is so much to learn and a year seems so far away. There are days when it just doesn't seem I will ever get this nursing thing together.