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  1. Hi all I made the biggest med error and am very nervous, have not slept in 3 days. I administered meds to the wrong patient, without adhering to the 5 rights. The patient is stable but the agency fired me. Am I going to loose my license.
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  3. by   bccunn

    I would suggest to you that you start writing a statement. You should accurately document all details of the accident. Medication errors are reportable, and depending on the finding can result in suspension and even revocation of a license.

    As soon as you get a chance read the rules governing your state, your responsibilities as well as the place you were employed. Know what they can do before they tell you, know your rights.

    Did anyone talk to the patient and were you present?
  4. by   moia
    Call the agency and ask them what happens next.
    In the majority of cases nothing fact it is really rare that this will go any further.
    If the patient is okay and is not going to report you it is really unlikely the agency will but why sit at home making yourself sick with worry? Call the agency and ask.

    What is the worst they can say? They reported it..then you call the BON and voluntarily agree to enter into their med retraining class...this is not a got very very very lucky and you did not kill maim or hurt anyone this time...submit to the med class voluntarily...
  5. by   Blackcat99
    Sorry to hear about your med error. I hope your agency doesn't report it to the BON. Good luck to you. Many nurses have made med errors. You're not the only one.