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Here I go...about to start on the dreaded mandatory night shift rotation. I haven't done night shift since my early 20s (now in my early 30s). Arrghh! Can't say I'm looking forward to it. But we have... Read More

  1. by   Momto3RN
    I just came off two years of working 1-2 twelve hour shifts per week. The actual shifts were OK as long as I was busy. Not to mention, a Mountain Dew at midnight carried me through to six am when things picked up again.

    Fortunately with this schedule, even though I could only sleep 4-5 hours the next day, I was usually so tired that night, I would sleep the night through and be back on schedule the next day.

    No one can truly be healthy on nights unless they have adjusted their circadian rhythms and follow the same hours when they are not working.

    Best of luck to you!! Hope it's only temporary! Vive day shifts!
  2. by   meownsmile
    I used to work day/night rotation a few years back. Then i got a day job, went back to school and finished my RN. When i went back to the hospital i had to go to the day/night thing again. Took a few tips from my sister who works nights. Aluminum foil taped on the windows can completely block out the light and keep the room cooler if you are in a warm climate. I called it my cave. LOL Earplugs keep any of the daytime noises from bothering you (lawn mowers, car horns, birds), i tried to get at least 2 hours more sleep when i worked nights than i did when i would sleep during the night. I never got rid of the achiness though, so tylenol was my best friend. I finally lucked out and one of my co-workers actually wanted to work straight nights so she didnt have to rotate and i took the day shift opposite her nights. So far so good, but if she leaves ill be back to the night rotation again.
    Hope you find your miricle,, if you do come post it.