Mandated time over you status! What can I Do? - page 6

I work in CCU in a small community hospital and like everyone else we are short handed. Rumor has it that management is either going to schedule us over our status or mandate 12 hr shifts. I hired in... Read More

  1. by   Terrie
    have you wrote or emailed your government?
  2. by   betts
    Yes, too all reps for my area as well as Federal and I was told that in Virginia that their wasn't anything I could do.
  3. by   Terrie
    How do we go about making people listen. Do we all have to become union???????
  4. by   Terrie
    They won as of Dec 17th I go to registry which is the same as agency but I only work for the community hospitals that are in the system of my choice. Do my own schedule pick my hours and I have a boss that listens. Thanks to everyone.