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Does anyone have any particular opinions on whether a male or female does a better job of nursing? If so, what makes the difference, either way.... Read More

  1. by   Roy Fokker
    I've never understood the "marry a doctor" line of argument.

    I always thought that individuals fall in love with each other - not their professions. I don't date "doctors" or "engineers" - I date women (who also happen to be doctors or engineers or hair-stylists or whatever). In other words: I'd like to meet and marry a swell gal - be she doctor, baker or candlestick maker....

  2. by   Batman24
    Quote from lisaksemt
    c. for the big paycheck and financial stability
    Nothing wrong with becoming a nurse for financial stability. We should be paid more for the responsibility we have. We are qualified and educated professionals who deserve to be paid well for all we do. If you can graduate from NS, pass nursing boards, and provide quality care you are a welcome addition to the field.
  3. by   Batman24
    Genitals have nothing to do with the quality of nursing care you provide. I would think all nurses realize that and it's sad if they don't.