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Hello all, In the ICU I have the privledge to work in, there have been some questions raised about new RN's coming into the fold. What has been the observation is this- the male RN's are being... Read More

  1. by   Dinith88
    As a male ICU nurse, i've an interest in this post.

    ***Please take this with a grain of salt because it is based soley on my opinions and borders on stereotyping***

    I think the reason men gravitate to critical-care areas is because we're inherently more confident than women. This attitude/aura is especially usefull when being interviewed or evaluated <first impressions go a LONG way>. Obviously, many women are just as eager and agressive(especially in ICU!), but i beleive this trait is much stronger in men (for the most part)....this is why the percentages of critical-care nurses are disproportionate regarding gender. Also, I've worked with a few male nurses who were obvioulsy less-than-average thinkers/nurses but who did well in ICU because they 'are' men who interact with the MD's, supervisiors, others in a more "we're equals" type way.

    SEVERAL female nurses over the years have told me that dealing with men is much easier than with the other ladies...for whatever reasons. This seems to be a fairly common attitude (do some informal research at your place of employment!)...this opinion (if TRULY a common sentiment) translates into more men being hired/transferred into the icu's/er's/etc. by a predominantly female management. (for now )

    I've personally dealt with a few dumb-arse male nurses in ER and ICU...who thrive there...not so much because of their abilities but more because of their attitudes and the way they carry themselves. It's an unfortunate fact of life in our profession.

    On the other hand...most of the male nurses i've worked with ARE good and ARE deserving a big high-five.