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UGH.. Work last night was horrible.... I work on a Ortho floor as a PCA... Well our hospital census has been so low, that we have had 14 maybe 15 pts at the most for a long time... With 2 PCAs and 2... Read More

  1. by   redshiloh
    The good thing is you will remember this as an will treat your PCA's much better b/c you understand BOTH sides of the coin. I've been an aide, lvn and rn...i think it makes me a better work colleague BECAUSE i know what life is like on the other side.
  2. by   atownsendrn
    Sounds like you did a great job and handled everything very professionally. Perhaps you should speak to the nurse regarding the comment she made behind your back. It might open her eyes and help her realize how much you truly do for your patients. And perhaps she needs to be reminded that it takes teamwork to survive in this job
  3. by   charissa
    I remember not so very long ago being in that PCA like role myself before becoming an RN. Nights suck sometimes and thats all there is to it, and i think you will be a better RN for it, here is why. If we have a bad night I help out more than many other nurses I work with. It seems like all of us that do were in that role once ourselves. I have also realized something else. Even as a graduating nursing student I did not realize everything that the nurses I was fuming with sometimes were doing. SOmetimes I can tell people are getting frustrated, and then comments are made that simply make situations worse. There are LAZY nurses out there. However if it looks at first glance like an RN is just sitting at the desk look closer. Most of the time when people have thought i was just sitting at the desk i was doing 2 or 3 things at once, but since i was also talking to someone my PCA assumed I was just reading a mag or something. The amount of stress and responsibility that an RN has, you are soon to find out, can be crippling. Plus, at least where I work, missed lunches are routine par for the course, and not for PCA's, for the R's.
    As a whole you will be a better nurse for having seen both sides and be better prepared to handle whichever situation comes up, because you CAN say , "I have been there"