Magnet recertification

  1. Has anyone had the above re certification done lately at their hospital??
    How did it go??
    Did you think it was worthwhile?
    Do you know how much time was spent getting ready for this? Submitting the books, etc???
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  3. by   Audreyfay
    The system I work with got theirs renewed last winter. They were working on it pretty intensively for a year. There were a lot of inservices region-wide regarding different aspects of it. They made videos of testimonials, books of patients recognition of staff, etc etc. In the end the system was surveyed again. The final recommendation was that we should publish some of the innovative things our health care system is doing.

    Was it worth it? Only administration and management can really say. I know that for the staff who spent hours of time on it, it was well worth it.