Magnet Hospitals - Are they any different?

  1. Does anyone work at a "magnet hospital"? Is it any better than other workplaces?
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  3. by   thisnurse
    The last time I was in a magnet hospital my earrings pulled out and stuck to the walls.
    I thought that was different.
  4. by   Joybug
    That is cute. Why don't you switch to gold earrings, and avoid the problem?

    Seriously though, I do want some response as I am considering a job change. A hospital with magnet status is one of my options.
  5. by   k3hopkins@aol.c
    I work at a magnet accreditated hospital in Colorado and I see a huge difference here. The nurses have a lot of autonomy and our input is valued and used by administration. Another part of the magnet requirements are that the hospital maintain safe nurse-patient ratios and we have definately achieved that. The day shift has 3 patients to 1 RN and the night shift has 4-6 patients per RN. I would highly recommend working at a magnet hospital and I wish you luck with your venture.
  6. by   nightingale

    Are you @ Poudre Valley? I have had my eye on that one for months. It would be quite a commute for me but it looks worth it.

    Does anyone know if they use any agency nurses outside of Bannar Healthcare?

    Here is a sample of the inforamtion about Magnet Hospitals from the ANA website:


    The Magnet Nursing Services Recognition Program for Excellence in Nursing Service was established in 1993. It is the highest level of recognition that the American Nurses Credentialing Center can accord to organized nursing services in health care organizations.

    This program provides a framework to recognize excellence in:

    1. the management philosophy and practices of nursing services;
    2. adherence to standards for improving the quality of patient care;
    3. leadership of the chief nurse executive in supporting professional practice and continued competence of nursing personnel;
    4. and attention to the cultural and ethnic diversity of patients and their significant others, as well as the care providers in the system.

    This recognition indicates excellence in nursing services, development of a professional milieu, and growth and development of nursing staff. The baseline for the program is the Scope and Standards for Nurse Administrators (ANA, 1996). The magnet recognition status is valid for a four-year period, after which the recipient must reapply.

    The objectives of this program are to:

    recognize nursing services that utilize the Scope and Standards for Nurse Administrators (ANA, 1996) to build programs of nursing excellence in the delivery of nursing care to patients;
    promote quality in a milieu that supports professional nursing practice;
    provide a vehicle for the dissemination of successful nursing practices and strategies among institutions utilizing the services of registered professional nurses.

    Recognition of excellence may be publicized by the recipient and used in its marketing strategies directed toward consumers and potential nursing personnel. It will enhance recruitment and retention of highly qualified professional nurses, thus facilitating consistent delivery of quality patient care. Since this recognition award indicates excellence in nursing services, the recipient is a model for other nursing service systems. In this aspect, excellent nursing service variables may be emulated by others, thus contributing to upgrading the quality of nursing service in the nation's health care delivery systems. Additionally, staff nurses within the recognized magnet nursing service system may also be contacted by other nurses for consultation services. Further outcomes of the recognition may include:

    enhanced recognition within the community for nursing services and the agency;
    increased utilization of the agency by health care consumers and health care networks; and
    increased stability in patient care systems across the organization.