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Lynda, don't you dare give up!!!!! You have worked too hard to get to this point. Tests do NOT reflect everything, in fact a lot of times they only reflect HOW GOOD A TEST TAKER YOU ARE!!! ... Read More

  1. by   JenKatt
    Hey Lynda,
    In NJ, 2 yeara ago, right after I graduated, the Board passed a ruling that said you can not work in the function of a nurse if you are a GN only. What that meant was, all those externship programs that trained you while you waited for the boards could no longer use you until you did. As for not passing and working, you will have to work as a CNA, not a GN, if you fail to pass the boards, due to liability. That's what we were told during our orientation at my job.
    Check with the Board, becuase the NJ Board has got to be the worst in the country.