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  1. Hi Everyone(LVNs/LPNs),
    Please don't judge me. The road hasn't been easy. I wanted to get off disability to become a nurse. And I did get my license(LVN). I've started to look for work once again, and was doing convalescent care for about 5 months, and cared for about 30-35 patients. I then after working there, did home care nursing with a job for 1 month here, two months there, and the pay was better without insurance. So now recently I decide to go into convalescent care again since I couldn't find a hospital that would hire me. Last week I was offered work for 42 patients and many spoke a different language so I decided maybe it would be a good opportunity. Then I realized maybe it wouldn't be. I realized yesterday on the training that the meds wouldn't be given on time like they should(The other LVN said she was passing meds from 7:15 to 11:30) and a chill ran down my back. The meds should be given 1 hour before and after the time given from 8 till 10. What also about a patient that needed an interpretor if I couldn't find out what they were trying to say in Cantonese(And the person would already be very busy). I didn't go to the center today. I don't want to go to home care on the other hand because of limited experience. Am I being unrealistic? Is that the norm for many LVN's? I wouldn't have the time to help others if a problem arose very effectively. I feel like I'm in a hole that I can't get out. And a lot of convalescent centers have this situation in San Francisco, 35, 40 patients. I have a disability with depression and I know a few nurses that have this problem, but I think that the issue really is that there is too many patients, and no time to care for them. Where would someone start if they didn't want to do homecare anymore and wanted to get there LVN experience. At the same time I took up extended learning learning program to get my RN recently. Has there been anyone that has been in a situation like this, and what did they do. I'm stuck Marco
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  3. by   Brownms46
    I don't understand. Why wouldn't the hospitals hire you??
  4. by   Edward,IL
    I have had a wonderful experience with homecare. Be honest with people and you won't have much problem. LPN's work a lot of homecare cases and are great to work with. Patient's families are great ,too. Remember, they do all the care when nurses aren't avaliable for a shift. I learned vents from my patient's twelve year old daughter. Within your first week, you will have had 20-40 hours of hands on experience (more than you'll ever get in a hospital or extended care).
    Interview at several homecare agencies, be careful of no-compete clauses contained in any employment agreement- you may want to sign up with two or more agencies for part-time. A good supervisor and scheduler will have and be able to place you on cases that fit your level of experience. Good luck.
    Edward, IL
  5. by   sanakruz
    Unfortunately most SNF's are grossly understaffed.
    Keep looking 'til you find a facility with a good DON and friendly staff, and it may be bearable