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Our hospital recently brought LPNs into ICU, and we are having some trouble adjusting to the change. They were brought in to our units because we have lost so many RNs recently, and have not been... Read More

  1. by   Rube
    Is anybody out there a lawyer? Nuses, albeit an RN or LPN have their own standards and abilities. Please don't judge all by you're experience with one or two. Sometimes an LPN can do a better job than an RN and vice versa. Keep within your states standard of paractic and get on the team bandwagon -- that LPN may just save your bottom when you least expect it.
    From a former LPN to BSN -- Great topic by the way.
  2. by   RNinICU
    Well, we had our meeting today, and administration came up with a "solution" which I am referring to as "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." First, the LPNs will never be scheduled to work at the same time. This is good, since we will only have one to cover at a time. Second the LPNs will have only the lowest acuity patients, even if assignments must be changed mid-shift. This is good if we adhere to it. This was how things were supposed to be in the first place, but at times, they ended up with a higher acuity patient because one of the RNs didn't want to change assignments. Third, the LPNs still cannot hang blood, but they can pick it up from the lab, and be the second signature when the blood is checked before hanging. Fourth, the charge nurse will cover the LPNs and have a lighter assignment. This is bad, since the charge nurse is already supposed to have a lighter assignment because of the extra charge duties. This seldom happens because the charge nurse is always one of the stronger RNs who can "handle it" if she has more acute patients. Finally, the LPNs are to be the first ones given off or floated to another unit if staffing needs to be reduced because of low census. This is just plain ugly. Our RNs do not have to float, they only go to another floor if they want to. The LPNs will not be given a choice. If there is a need on another floor, they will go, and if there is not, they will stay home. How can they be expected to gain experience and competence if they are always on another floor, or sitting at home? And how fair is it for them to use their vacation time for days when they should be working. At least one of these girls has very little vacation time anyway, so how will she pay her bills? When we brought up these objections, we were told "You can't have it both ways." I don't think this will work either. I think I will be looking for a new job.
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  3. by   mattsmom81
    The part about one LPN at a time is good...as long as the charge nurse isn't overwhelmed with a major assignment herself, she can help the LPN....

    Sounds like they are going to punish the LPN's for their own bad decision...which doesn't seem fair.

    Would a petition signed by the nurses help at all? Saying you want better resolution or they can expect resignations to start coming in????

    Sounds like they listened a little to you but not much....<sigh>
  4. by   waicurn
    Hello Everyone! I just signed on with this site. Boy !! !! Some lively discussions !

    Well, since I'm working with both a LPN license (in the Army Reserve) and RN license, both in the ICU, I guess I should write what I feel about this.

    First, as a LPN, I could and would CHOOSE for myself a working environment where it is most suitable for my skills, knowledge to express my dedication and heart in my discipline.

    Second, for both LPN and RN, we all have different specialties that we thrive in and enjoy doing. On the other hand, an ICU-CCRN-PhD-ABCD-Whatever on a locked Psy Unit are as good as a dry fire hose on a fireline.

    So, put the two together, as a LPN, there are much better places where I would rather be than a stink'n ICU :wink2: where my hands are tied; MY SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE are not fully realized.

    So, my suggestion is: Listen up hospital administrators... cough up the dough and pay ALL the nurses enough to keep the ICU nurses in the ICU, Psych nurses locked up, and everybody where they can shine, grow and be all they can be !! :roll :roll
  5. by   P_RN
    I'm closing this thread. It seems to have drifted far from the original subject.