LPN to RN compensation - page 2

I would like to know in your facility, do they compensate when an LPN becomes an RN, as far as pay rate goes. At my facility, they start new grad RN's at 17.00/hr. I asked them, when I get my RN, i... Read More

  1. by   laurensmom
    I have been an LPN for 1 year but was a CNA for 15 years. I thought working for the same employer they may take mt experience into consideration. Boy was I wrong! I started at the same rate of pay as my fellow classmates - some with no experience, some fresh out of high school. As for an LPN going back to school to become an RN, my employer does start them at a higher rate of pay than a new RN grad
  2. by   BradleyRN
    At my last hospital, they give you half the experience for LPN. You should be credited as a 5 year RN. Since we work alongside LPN's who do the exact same job, i believe it should be more. If they wont negotiate on these terms, i would check around to see what other places do in this regard. Then report your findings as a negotiation. There is a shortage of nurses in this country, not hospitals.
  3. by   Jules A
    Even though I really wanted to stay at my current facility I also shopped around and reported back with my offer at another hospital. I was totally prepared to take it if mine didn't match it or come darn close. I love my facility but the bottom line is that it is called work not play so I intend to be compensated to the fullest extent available.

    One big thing in my favor is that new hires are wild cards, some work out and some don't but I was a sure thing. They knew me and knew I was a dependable, hard worker. I ended up making $15 an hour more than I was making as a LPN which is about $10 more than most new grad RNs in the area. Not too shabby.