LPN to Cardiac Sonographer? Should I switch? Any sonographers/ultrasound techs here?

  1. Hi! I'm currently an LPN in a doctor's office and have an opportunity to become a cardiac sonographer (doing echos). My employer will send me to be trained in another state for 10 days the first session, and 18 days the next--all expenses paid. It will mean a big wage increase, but more importantly increasing my skills and education. What do you think? Any input would be appreciated. Is this a good field to go into? Will I be sorry? Thanks--Geri
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  3. by   ucavalpn
    I say go for it . You can't go wrong learning something new .
  4. by   gerisings

    Thanks for the encouragement! I kind of hate to leave a job I like, but as an LPN it seems my opportunities are a little more limited than if I were an RN. I thought about returning for my RN, but really don't have the time to put into school. This way, my education is totally paid for, it's quicker, and when I finish the training and get certified, I will be in the same league as someone who has had a 4 yr. degree. See, they are going to stop training people and allowing them to be certified unless they have a 4 yr. degree (they're changing the requirements). Anyway, Ultrasound seems to be a VERY promising career.

    I was wondering if anyone out there knows anything about being in the sonography dept.--is it a high stressed position? I know it's a difficult field to learn, but I love the heart, so I'm motivated. I also had to agree to learn abdominal and pelvic sonography as well. But my emphasis is definitely the heart.

    I'm excited, but a little apprehensive about stepping out of my comfort zone. I think it must have something to do w/turning 40! I'm usually a "go for it!" kind of gal. Well, any more feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!