Lowest Turnover / Stable Unit for Hospital Nursing?

  1. Hi all, i am yet to start nursing school as I have a few prerequisites i must complete this fall before i am able to apply. I earned my BA then was shy about six hours to obtain my Masters (all in a different field) before i realized that the career field I was in (social work) just was not for me entirely, thus, I also did not invest in those last six hours. All aside, i am wanting to know as I start my journey into nursing , what would you consider to be a very high turnover area in aspect of hospital nursing and why? I understand nursing can be stressful at times (i had my fair share of those in social work ) but overall I would like to hear from anyone experienced who has worked in the hospital setting on which units are more low stress, or rather low turn over? I might add that I've given a lot of consideration to postpartem unit (LD units but more focused on mother and baby would be more ideal )..anyway feel free to let me know your opinion!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    OR. I have only twice in my 40+ years met someone who was an OR nurse and switche specialties.
  4. by   KelRN215
    This is highly employer specific. Cardiology may have low turnover at one hospital but extremely high at another. Management and unit culture tend to drive retention and turnover. Turnover has been high everywhere I've ever worked.
  5. by   bugya90
    Individual unit turnover rates will vary by hospital. My med-surg unit has the lowest turnover rate at my hospital and has the highest moral. At the hospital across town the med-surg unit has the highest turnover. If you have a good manager your turnover will be lower.