low census blues

  1. Hi. I shoud be at work right now but I'm not wanted there because I was forced to take LC. No one else wanted it. I just had it not too long ago. Our manager hired too many people. My husband said I could be his nurse tonight and document on him... but he won't let me start an IV on him. Night shift used to be short and we all kept compaining so this is what we get. Tonight is Sunday night... usually Sundays have been short in the past... the shortest day of the week. There were 4 on tonight, including me... so they apparently only needed 3. There must be about 15-18 patients then. Tomorrow night there's 5 on schedule. There's even some nights where there's 6 on schudule... we have NEVER needed 6 nurses on our floor. What's going on?
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  3. by   RNsRWe
    Wish you all worked here....we could use the help! Overstaffing not a problem
  4. by   Hoozdo
    Quote from RNsRWe
    Wish you all worked here....we could use the help! Overstaffing not a problem
  5. by   Nurse`Chief~Chickie
    i am totally with you on this one. imay not love my shift, but i would like to work it! this is the first weekend in two months that i've worked all 3 of my shifts. it's a bummer, i know how you feel. it's especially bad when that there are pts there that have higher acuity, but we just can't go outside the staffing grid!

  6. by   jo272wv
    I feel for you, I have only been at my hospital since June and have not accumulated enough holiday hours to cover getting called off. I can not use vacation hours until after the first year either. The only good point is that I can refuse call off and they go to the next person in line, there has only been one time that knowone has taken the call off and it came back to manditory for me. It is now very busy at my hospital and my floor has been full for the last 3 weeks and believe me there are some nights when we can not cover the grid and wind up having 7 pts each and I sit there and say to myself, God I wish i had called off.