Losing to gain?...

  1. I took the job. Been a MedSurg RN for a little over a year, small town medsurg. LPN 1 yr, and CNA 3yrs prior...anyway...Learned some great stuff, but needed to get into more learning and exposure to more acute pt's. Have always thought I wanted to try E.D. nursing. I took the job in the E.D. 25 miles away, presently i walk around the corner and across the lawn to get to work. I also took a $2/hr paycut.
    With no chance of getting to an ICU, or our ED where I currently am, I took the job. Sheesh, it kinda hurts taking the paycut, but there were more than that on the table, I will now get ED experience and keep moving from there. I am a loyal, hard working person and I don't miss days of work, so it feels weird leaving so soon...
    Have any of you taken a $2/hr paycut to switch jobs in nursing??
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    Yep. Took a pay cut to go to day shift. No regrets here.
  4. by   RNewbie
    I would take a pay cut if it allowed me to gain the kind of exp I wanted. For people who do not live paycheck to paycheck, $2 less is only a couple hundred. I would not miss a couple hundred a month.
  5. by   ChristineN
    I just took a paycut to go from PRN to full-time, however with my benefits like PTO and tuition assistance I feel like I am breaking even. Have you compared benefits at your new position to your old position to see how they compare? I personally would still have accepted the job you did, even with the pay cut
  6. by   NurseCard
    I have done that, yes. If it's a job that you really want, then to me it's worth it.
  7. by   Altra
    Yep, have done it. It was worth it.
  8. by   Good Morning, Gil
    I haven't yet, but I would if it was something I wanted to do. That is the definition of the nursing profession. Any job one takes that is considered more ideal in this field is going to involve a pay cut, at least most of the time.
  9. by   DEgalRN
    I took a $4 pay cut moving from acute care to public health. But it was the right move for me and I'm glad I did it.
  10. by   LTCNS
    I took a $3 pay cut to move from LTC to a wound healing/hyperbaric clinic. Some days it's worth it and others I'm not so sure. Benefits and hours are good. It's not a bad job, I just have physical issues making it more difficult for me to work 5 days a week.
  11. by   healthstar
    I would take a pay cut in a heartbeat! My health comes first, and if the current job is hard on your body mentally, physically, emotionally , and you are not happy at all in that environment, the extra money is not worth it! As a new graduate I would focus more on getting a job and experience over money. I understand that money is very important to survive, and every dollar counts. But I would rather sacrifice by eating whatever I can afford and save my body, mind, and avoid depression!
  12. by   Bortaz, RN
    I took a pay cut when I became a nurse.
  13. by   LadyFree28
    I took a 7 dollar pay cut from Rehab nursing to a Pediatric Facility nursing as an LPN...that hurt...stayed there when I became an RN, increased 3 dollars...New job dollar increase, but get differentials, plus clinical ladder increases.
    It was worth the pay cut to eventually move up in salary.
  14. by   Georgia peach RN
    Did the same thing you are doing for the some of the same reasons.
    had a LPN position where I had worked in the same facility for almost 10 yrs. but was in a place where they didn't want me to work in other departments, I felt traped, felt like I couldnt grow. so went to another facility 20 miles from my old facility where they allowed me to work in just about all departments. took a $3 pay cut but -- Better benifits, Better education program which reimbursed me for my RN. now making more that I ever expected. : ) (but if the truth were known I would do this job without pay)