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Hey everyone, Well, i'll give you some background information first. I'm in my final year of high school and have already been appected to university here in my home town for the pre-social work... Read More

  1. by   pepperann35
    Tell your wife to contact the board of nursing in whichever state she wants to work in. They all have different criterea and fees to transfer a license but she should have no problem getting it done. It just takes a little time and paper work. Good luck!
  2. by   allantiques4me
    I think each and every one of us has some sort of disability.Be it needing glasses,hearing aids,being in pain,ect.If you want to be a nurse go for it!!Why are you secretly desiring to be a nurse??Im PROUD to tell people Im a nurse.Good luck!!
  3. by   dreamerlady
    TriageRN - Well, The reason i want to a nurse over a social worker is because social workers where I'm from do not specialize close to there work, there case load is is extremely heavy (not saying a nurses is not, i know it is) there's no medical aspect of it. And yes I would rather "put in Nasogastric tubes, IV's, take orders from MD's all day, write write and write some more, clean up a patient who is incontenent 4-6 times during your shift when you have 2 painful patients and a total admit on their way up? Give out medication, give shots, give enemas or suppositories, chase down MD's that wrote incomplete orders you can't follow (but they expect you to), deal with angry families, jump on a code within seconds and keep your cool, work overtime or take on extra patients because you are short staffed on your floor..." I want to be proud of my job, I want to treat patients in that manner, I'm not saying social work would not have it's own chaneglles, but i don't want to be stuck in textbooks for the next 5 years and be a walking, breathing, living textbook when I talk to people. Nursing is the caring profession.

    Allantiques4me - I think the reason I'm so secretly desiring to be a nurse is because I'm afraid of people might think and look at me funny for having a disability and being afraid that i am unable to complete my job without risk.

    Here's a question:
    Do you think i would have a hard job finding employment because of my disability in the field of nursing?
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    Bump! No body has answered in a couple of days so i'll just bump this!
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    One of the things you might consider doing is calling around to your hospitals get a hold of a nurse recruiter and ask if you could shadow a nurse for a few hours.. That way you can see at the floor level if that is somthing you are intrested in - You might be able to do the same in social work too - try to newtwork with people and get "that inside view" that will help you make a better decision Dont overlook the fact at university you may run into somthing completly different too - Jobs are not forever I came to nursing from a completely different background (Computers, IT) You can do what ever you want you are only limited by your dreams.