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  1. Hello everyone I'm a nursing student working on my first semester in college. One of our assignments for "work experience" is to meet and interact with an RN online. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who is interested in helping me out with this assignment would reply to this posting or email me. I'm looking forward to an enriching experience!

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  3. by   nakitamoon
    welcome to allnurse's,,,, schnazer,,,, pleanty of great nurses here,,,, sit back,,,, get comfortable,,,, you will soon be addictied!!!!! looking forward to reading your posts,,,,,,, take care,,, good luck in your studies,,,, ~kitamoon,,,,,,
  4. by   renerian
    If you want to email me you can. My name is Susan and my email addy is renerian@yahoo.com. Know I do not work in acute care upfront.

  5. by   susi_q
    welcome schnazer - you are in for the ride of your life (at this site, as well as in nursing) - would be glad to e-mail with you. FYI I was a late entry into nursing 4 years ago after my boys all started school. I work in Michigan - critical care, and for an agency, and parish nursing. Write any time. susi_q@juno.com