looking for help finding scrubs

  1. Hi all. I'm a student currently working as a er tech/cna. I'm having a tough time finding dark green scrubs for work. The local places by me sell scrubs that are marketed as "forest/hunter green", but the color is bright, kind of close to aqua. This is the only reason why I'm reluctant to order scrubs online. I'm looking for a darker, deeper green. Can anyone point me toward a particular brand, or site? thanks!
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  3. by   RN007
    You might try calling all the companies that sell scrubs online and ask what color their dark green really is. Good luck finding what you need.
  4. by   2Cookies
    You could try the medical supply stores, they may have them in stock, or ask some of the other workers where they purchased their scrubs. Also, second hand stores usually have a section for uniforms. I've found some great deals there. Hope this helps.
  5. by   lllliv
    try uniformadvantage.com
  6. by   hogan4736
    stay away from scrubbugs.com

    poor customer service