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  1. Hi! I am a new RN,(have been registered for about a month now), am 36 years old, and married with two kids. I'm getting ready to start work in PCU later this month. I would like some email buddies. My email is tammyt@rn.com
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  3. by   saphie
    I wouldn't mind exchanging e-mail with you. I'm 24 - soon to be 25 yo. I have been a RN for almost two months. I work on a very heavy and busy medical unit. No kids but two adorable cats that are my children. My e-mail is tdewolfe@hotmail.com . Hope to hear from you soon.

    Tara Lee
  4. by   Walk9
    Hi! I'm a recently graduated new RN working on a very busy postop open heart floor in Connecticut. I've been in the medical field for over 10 years now and have worked as a Respiratory Therapist in several different settings. How is the pay for new grad nurses where you live? email me at walk9@gateway.net
  5. by   pandora
    Hi Lynn. You can e-mail me if you want. My name is Di and I'm an English RN working in transplant. I enjoy reading, listening to music, working out at the gym and cycling around Oxford, where I live and work. I also enjoy cooking foriegn food. It's always good to have lots of friends and I like to contact people around the world. I lived in the States between 1978-80, and found the people there very warm and friendly. Why don't you e-mail me on dianadavies@hotmail.com and we can exchange more information?

  6. by   NurseRachet
    Hello - I wouldn't mind being your e-mail friend. I have been a nurse for 30 years, worked in all backgrounds, except in a factory, OB/Peds, and ER. Had no desire to work any of those area's. I am on the NET often and in the chatrooms. There are alot of nurses that chat in the Yahoo Chatroom called "auctions". I don't know why we do, because we are not selling anything, but we just chat in that room. E-mail me, I will answer you :-)
  7. by   Patricia Smith
    Hello: Would love to hear from fellow nurses. I live in Phoenix (110 degrees who cares if it's a "dry heat")! E-mail me anytime at unionrn@uswest.com/ Have been a nurse more than 20 years--Manager of a PACU (working manager I might add--a dying breed!). Hope to hear from you!
  8. by   Lynn_RN
    To Patricia,
    I tried to e-mail you at the address you gave me, but the mail was returned saying that the e-mail address unionrn@uswest.com
    doesn't exist...
  9. by   MissRN
    Hi Lynn. I'm from KY, but living in Mississippi. I studied here, graduated in May, passed boards in June & I am now working on a Med-Surg floor. I am interested in your experiences as a new RN. Best of luck!
  10. by   pa nurse
    Hi, I am an rn working in long term care and would like to talk to any rn working in the field. also... need to learn how to get licensed in state of california.
  11. by   Lynn_RN
    Wow! Thanks for all the replies to this post.

  12. by   Roxanne
    Hi! My name is Roxanne and I am currently in my senior year in highschool. I am planning to become a pediatric nurse because I love childern. I was wondering if anyone would like to e-mail me and tell me all the ups and downs of becoming a pediatric RN. (roxy_2001_luv@yahoo.com). I am currently enrolled in what is called an internship class that will allow me to have some on job training. I have decided to do my interning in a nearby clinic. So if you would like to connect me that would be very appreciated. And if anyone would like to conducted an interview (I have to do one for my class) please let me know. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from someone very soon.

  13. by   KHRISTY
    Hi my name is christy, i would love to hear from nurses or student nurses, i am 20 years old and i am just starting my third year as a student nurse. My e-mail address is
  14. by   athenia
    Hello fellow nurses. I would love to receive
    email from other nurses. I've been nursing for 4 years on a Med/Surg floor. I love it. There are very busy days when your exhausted when you get home, but there are other days when you have to try to find something to do. So it all balances out in the long run. I live in Ontario, Canada. the weather here right now is too hot, and humid. Anyway I'd love to hear from you soon.