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  1. I'm a student seeking a career in the nursing field. I've been reading the forum for a couple days now to get information on what it takes to be a nurse. I guess I'm just worried. This coming Monday I will be going through a group interveiw for the nursing program. I'm scared to death that I will not say the right thing or I might go blank. I've been trying to prepare myself for it, but not having much experience with this sort of thing I don't know what to expect or what it is that they will be expecting from me. Can someone help.
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  3. by   James Huffman
    Be calm, be patient, and be yourself. Also, pause to think about what you're saying before you speak -- don't blurt out an answer. But most of all, try not to be too scared (easy advice to give, I know) because folks doing such interviews are usually friendly, helpful people who want you to succeed. And -- if you can possibly make yourself do it -- relax the night before, and don't think about the interview at all: go to a movie, watch a funny TV show, or something similar. Then get a good night's sleep, and enjoy the interview. Believe it or not, it IS possible.

    Jim Huffman, RN

  4. by   MollyJ
    The Group Interview is a new idea to me--I've never heard of that!

    Anyhow, I'd be prepared to talk about why I wanted to be a nurse, what kind of nursing I MIGHT be interested (no one expects that to be a binding thought), what I expected of the role, how I had done in or enjoyed my pre-requisites AND MAYBE some selected "ethics" questions: would you have trouble taking care of any kinds of patients (HIV/AIDs patients, therapeutic abortions, patients requiring a blood donation, etc).

    They may be much more interested in YOUR PRESENTING persona than anything else. Go neatly dressed--no jeans or t-shirts or beer logos. Avoid gum chewing. Watch your body language: no slouching, sit attentively, make eye contact. Listen carefully to questions before you answer them. Be on time.

    To calm yourself, take deep breaths. remind yourself of what activities you have done that prepared you to be at this point (from pre-req work to volunteer work), who or what inspired you to be there.

  5. by   whipping girl in 07
    Take some time to think about the kind of questions they may ask you, and think about how you would answer them. For instance, why do you want to be a nurse? What got you interested in nursing? What are your career goals? Is there an area you think you'd want to work in? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? How do you think you could change nursing to make it better? (tread carefully here ) What have you heard about nursing as a career? Do you know any nurses and what has your experience with them?
  6. by   mattsmom81
    They are looking for candidates that have some idea about the nursing profession...and still want to be one...LOL! (tongue partly in cheek here )

    My aunt was a nurse and I was able to glean some info from her. Some practical knowledge of what I actually would be doing day to day seemed to help.... Good luck and hope it goes well!

    I thoroughly enjoyed my nursing school experience and hope you will too (think positive) !