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  1. Hi Everyone, I am trying to locate a thing called the "Delmar 4 in 1 Pac. I beleive it is some type of index card system about meds or patient assessment. It is an item listed on my required text for my nursing classes for the fall. I have tried several local bookstores as well as online bookstores with no luck. Of course, the school bookstore will not give me an Ibn number. I am hoping to purchase it cheaper than the bookstore at school. They have it listed for $157.00. If you have heard of this item please let me know where I can get it or if you have an IBN number for me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help, Berta
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  3. by   webbiedebbie
    Well, Berta, I just went to the Delmar website and looked through everything they had and I could not find it. Perhaps you could contact the school or instructors for more information.

    A 4 in 1 pac sounds like a special they have.

    Good luck...I tried.
  4. by   Katnip
    You might have to go to the school bookstore and look the number up. It will be on the box somewhere unless they go through every one and scratch it out.
  5. by   Berta
    Cybercat and Webbiedebbie,
    Thanks for trying for me. I went to the school bookstore with the intention of getting the upc or ibn number and they won't let me have it. They hold all the items including the books behind the counter. We can't get at them. The only thing we have access to is notebooks, pens, candy, etc. I may end up buying the dumb thing through them, getting the info I need then returning it if I can get another one. I just wanted to go about this differently. Thanks again, Berta