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Had a patient on the floor tonight (not one of mine) who had runs of VT that extended to 80-90 beat runs, all the while feeling asymptomatic. She was A & O x 3. Was resting supine in bed at the time.... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from aeauooo
    a six month run of asystole? where i'm from, we call that 'death.'

    it just goes to show you, treat the patient, not the monitor. i've seen plenty of people yell to defibrillate v-tach who needed to be reminded to check to see if the patient was symptomatic before they put electricity through his chest.

    i've seen stable v-tach often enough that i don't think it's that uncommon.
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  2. by   MIRockstarRN
    While orienting a new nurse to our unit had pt go in and out all night long, runs over 200 beats, but pt awake with pulse. Called dr said to consult cards in morning. Right at shift change pt goes in again for more than 10 minutes. Call cards to come up and see pt - which was fine the whole time. Pt did have AICD but rate was to slow to cause shock. Kept the tele strip for the day shift nurse gave it to them during report.