Long and Interesting Day (long Vent)

  1. I took my 13 year old DD to the ED today for suden onset headaches and eye pain. She has 2 underlying Neuro conditions CP and Sz's. Her headaches started yesterday before a Sz and then had another 1 a few hrs later. I gave ibuprophen and tylenol and she was fine when she went to bed. Well this morning as soon as she woke up she started complaining of severe(sp) eye pain and a headache. So I called her Doc and the earlist opening they had was for 16:00 they suggested I take her to the ED. Well after I signed in we had to wait over an hour before the desk clerk called us to register. Apparently the have you register before triage here, seems backwards to me because we had to another half hour to be triaged. While the desk clerk was checking her info she looked down and asked if I was really wanted her seen for her headache or If I had another reason I wanted her seen.:smackingf I was really stunned by the question did she think I was making it up or what. So we sit there after triage (many hrs) well at 16:00 the CSM told us that it would be several more hrs before they could get us a room. By this time her eye and head felt better and I decided to go home, get home and as soon as we walk in the door she grabs her eye and starts crying that her eye hurts. Call my mom and we decide it might be alleriges and to try Visine A. So I went to the pharm to gets some and discover that they had messed up my sons Meds. So I spent about 1 hour there while they fixed this. Anyway when I got home 2100 I put the drops in her eye and they worked like a charm, 10 mins later she is sleeping so soundly she is snoring. Any way that was my day hope yours was better. Sorry the post was so long, just needed to vent.:angryfire
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  3. by   Thunderwolf
    I'm glad she is feeling better. Question: has she ever had a CT scan of her head or was the need for this ruled out? Just wondering. Sounds like you had a horrid day. Hope tomorrow is better.
  4. by   luvltc

    Sorry you had such a bad day. But I'm glad she's feeling better.
  5. by   nialloh
    You should not have been kept waiting so long. Sudden headache and eye pain, she should have gotten a ct of the head asap. Even in one so young.
    I hope the drops keep working, and that she is ok.