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  1. Hello all! I have finally gotten all of my loan paperwork and payment stuff in the mail, and I am looking to consolidate my loans now, but there are so many different people offering consolidation out there, I don't know who to go with. Has anyone on here used someone reputable to consolidate their student loans? There are so many people that send me stuff in the mail, I don't know who is a good company and who isn't. Any insight is apprecieated! Thanks!!
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  3. by   fultzymom
    My husband et I used SAF which is Student Assistance Foundation. We consolidated our loans together after we both were done with school. We have not had any problems with them. We have been with them for about two years now. We also got a lower interest rate because we set up for automatic withdraws for our monthly payments. I am not fond of Sallie Mae. That is who my hubby had and they are not very willing to work with you et were not wanting to release my hubby's so we could do a spousal consolidation. They wanted us to do it with them but their rate was higher.
  4. by   jaclyn888
    My brother works for Goal Financial which, among other things, specializes in student loan consolidation. I consolidated with them about 5 years ago & my experience has been exceptional. I would say a lot there are a lot of similar offers & promotions out there (interest rate deductions with auto-pay or after a certain amount of on time payments, etc). My suggest would be to research the actual companies and make sure they are legit. If you would like the number to Goal Financial, let me know.
  5. by   Donnetterr
    I consolidated with Sallie Mae, and I have not had any problems with them. I chose Sallie Mae after evaluating loan consolidation paperwork from about half a dozen places. All of the places, except Sallie Mae, had language within their contracts that allowed them to sell all or part of my loans to another company at their discretion. I was nervous about that because my husband has a loan that has been sold 4 times in 7 years, and each time, the new holder seems to not know part of the payment records, changes terms, takes forever to credit payments, etc. I felt that if I went with Sallie Mae I could stay with Sallie Mae. They offer a discount if you pay through electronic funds transfer.