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  1. :uhoh21: I have logged onto chat here several times and am in there completely alone. I like to chat. Am I just logging into chat at the wrong time of day??Or do you guys not like to chat?? Help, It's nice to talk with others in your profession.Somebody help me out here please....
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  3. by   Antikigirl
    Oh I am sooooooooo sorry..I try to be there as much as possible, but I just recently took a full time job swings and miss the majority of the chat day (I am in the Pacific time zone!).

    I do find if you don't stay more than 5 minutes you can miss someone and miss a fun chat! What I do is log on and answer forum posts..but log on and also have a chat window on...I put on my sound so I can hear if someone comes on (finally my sound is working...wasn't for a while!). That way I can text and wait!

    Many times I come on and someone just left after 30 seconds! GRRRRRRRRR! My server takes more than that just to log on! SO please be patient.

    And as always with me...if I am there, and not responding I am either finishing up a post, or taking care of human things like...nature I will be on in a bit. If I know I won't be back in 5-10 minutes I log off so no one waits for me if they are inclined to do so.

    Please stop back...when we even get two to three people is a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is why I keep trying after 2 years to be there...too much fun!!!!!!!!

    Oh and btw...I will be free for chat tomorrow after 10am my time (I am soooooooooo sleeping in...5 days at work...crazy...I need to sleep! LOL!). SO 10/17/06 TriageRN will be there rain or shine after 10am PST!!!!!!!!!! Hope to see ya there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. by   Antikigirl
    Well oh well...I left anyone that arrived at the alter there..LOL! I wound up not sleeping well last night, and lo and behold I slept though my alarm, and actually woke up at 1230! Sorry to anyone that came in...I guess I was dead to the world this am!

    But I am in there my sound on so I can hear if anyone enters! Hope to see someone there! (yes, I have my coffee so I can actually type now! LOL!).
  5. by   nuangel1
    i don't know how to get on the chat here didn't know there was 1 .i am new here