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I am going into 4th year nursing, and this was in one of our labs in first year. I love this thing, it really makes you think about how you are caring for your patients. In the rush of everything,... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    WE can keep the ideals...but you know what? it is frustrating to try to UPHOLD them when lousy staffing and time do NOT allow it. How frustrating is it to TRY TO UPHOLD AN seewhat NEEDS to be done, but cannot humanly do it?????? So what's a person to do? Shut down or do "assembly line nursing"...truly sad, but REALITY FRIEND! So many's reality!
  2. by   jnette
    Agreed, my friend, agreed. I experience it every day and I KNOW what is being said in all the above posts! I, too, live it on a dailey basis and it IS frustrating, to say the least. And it's not FAIR to the pts. OR the staff! Guess I'm just afraid to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Afraid if we ignore the "ideals', we will have capitulated to the system and will have allowed it to turn us into insensitive, mindless, heartless robots. And if the system wins, they'd better start changing the nursing curriculum to tell it as it truly is. See how many new nursing students they get then ! So what's the solution ? Maybe this is what we need to start SERIOUSLY discussing and ACTING on...what is it we need to do to bring about change? How do we fight this monster?
  3. by   jnette
    AAAAAAAaaaarghh !!!

    Now here's what I'm talking about when I say the Nursing Ed. materials may need revising... just browsing through my NCLEX Review and find the section on "client needs"/"cultural diversity"..

    I'm fully aware that different cultures have different concepts of time/space, etc. But the BOOK says "be flexible and avoid rigidity in timing/providing your nursing care."
    Now how realistic IS THAT in light of all that's been written here? I know that in MY situation, (and surely, everyone else's, too) this simply is not possible ! At dialysis, we must stagger the pt. apt. times in order to put them on the machine.. no way you can have 4 pts. come in at the same time and put them all on simultaneously. We have one lil' fella in particular who likes to come in when it's right for him, and time is just no big deal to him. He lives in the "present".
    So this concept or "ideal" of being flexible(and not frustrating the pt. by showing your own frustration or disapproval) in providing pt. care simply will not work here! Because the other patients will rip his head off if they are delayed because of his "preferences". Not to mention the frustration of the staff, trying to work around HIS schedule and still get all the other patients on in time who DO keep their appt.s on time. So why put all this nicey- nicey stuff in the books at all ? If we have to deal with reality, then I expect that the education materials will addresse reality as well... and tell it like it is... not expect us to perform a certain way in a situation or setting they can't provide!
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  4. by   fab4fan
    Another attempt to guilt trip nurses, who are overtaxed as it is. I don't know anyone who is intentionally unkind to pts. (although I'm sure there are people out there).

    Insead of addressing these musings to nurses, why not:

    Dear Hospital Administrator:

    I was having chest sent an unlicensed person to evaluate me,

    I needed to go to the bathroom, but the aide was busy trying to take care of her other 15 pts.,

    I soiled my linens, but there was no one to change them,

    I got the wrong dinner tray, and when I asked the nurse for another one, she told me that dietary was closed after 6:00pm to keep costs down,

    I had pain from my surgery, but since my nurse had too many pts. I had to wait 2hrs to get my medicine,

    I was having trouble caring for myself at home, but there was no social worker to talk to, because it was the weekend,

    I waited in the ED for 15 hours to get a bed upstairs; the floor did not have enough nurses to be able to take me,

    I was in the ED with severe abd. pain and vomiting, and I had to lie on a litter in the hallway; when the doctor came to see me, everyone could hear what he was saying...I had no privacy...

    I think we could go on an on here...bottom line, I hate threads that lay the blame at the feet of nurses. Lets talk about who's really responsible...greedy administrators.
  5. by   Fgr8Out
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this poem....

    The items cited in the poem are NOT out of the realm of possiblilties... If some of you would READ it correctly... what it cites is a lack of "attention" to our Patients.... NOT about performing those extras we'd all love to be able to deliver.

    Eye contact when you're with your patient....
    A smile...(YES, even when you don't flipping feel like it)...
    Truly listening during those times you ARE with your patient...
    Treating your patient the way you would wish your family, friends or yourself to be treated....

    Before some of you get on the old "let's slap Pollyanna into submission" bandwagon... let me ask you this:

    Are you human? Or an automatron?

    How DARE any of you come off with the patronizing "oh, well... I see you're a student... someday you'll understand" garbage. Understand what? Nurses b****, moan, whine and complain about how much we NEED qualified, competent, caring people in this Profession. Someone takes a risk and posts a very lovely, NON CYNICAL poem to illustrate what it is we'd LOVE for our profession to be able to offer... and you SLAM HER?!?!?!

    Yes, we're crunched for time... but truly (as other posters have commented)... how much TIME does it really take to be PLEASANT or HUMANE in the course of your day?

    Apparently more time than some of you are willing to give....

    Instead of beating posters of such threads with your taunts, insults, criticism and cynicism... how about you just keep it to yourself or open a thread especially devoted to your tirades? Your sort do enough damage with the nursing staff already out in the workforce with your snide comments and poor attitudes.

    Perhaps forensic nursing would be more to your liking.... You don't have to deal with the living, then.

    I LOVED the poem.... and no, I don't feel guilty when I can't do ALL of the things for my patient's that I'd like... I do the very best I can, when I can... and try my damndest to leave work knowing that... regardless of what I didn't accomplish... I DID do my best for THAT day.

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  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Not being one to slam other members of any board, I was in the camp whereby reality sometimes does make it hard to live up to the ideals there. WE have that poem posted on my floor, actually, in a beautiful frame with angels on the border. And I read it all the time; yes I really do.

    Somedays, I go home angry and in tears cause I was unable to do some of those things. Do you not think those are things we strive for? But EYE contact w/someone you KNOW you have neglected ALL shift is hard...just an example........I do it..I MAKE eye contact, I touch, talk.......but damn it hurts, knowing I did NOT meet their needs even tho I nearly killed myself trying!

    That is what "the other side " is saying here.......and if you will notice, figureitout, I refrain from belittement and name-calling to get MY POINT across. When reality sets in, ideality sometimes is hard to achieve, no matter your intentions. All the wonderful nursing care models, poems, and theories in the WORLD do not solve our national crisis, and as usual, it is laid at the WRONG FEET. Our shoulders are heavy w/the burden and so are our hearts........It is indeed a sad specter.

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