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  1. I was looking up CE nursing opportunities @ Kaplan University and ran across "Life Care Planning." And you know how when you read the explanation of something over and over and it still doesn't answer your question "What is it?" So I thought I'd run it by Allnurses to ask you Life Care Planners out there or anyone who has done the program:

    1.What is Life Care Planning?

    2.What's it like for nurses--difficult/stressful/laid back/dull/exciting/fast or slow-paced, etc?

    3.What are the general duties/responsibilities?

    4.Where do you work?

    5.Can you realistically work from home or with insurance/managed care organizations?

    6.What is the avg. time spent working on each care plan?

    7.Can you specialize in one area according to previous nursing experience?

    8.Is there truly a demand for Life Care Planners?

    9.How difficult is it to market yourself as a Life Care Planner?

    10.Any shadowing opportunities available?

    Any responses are greatly appreciated, so don't be shy. Thanks!
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  3. by   VicChic
    No one willing to take a stab @ it out there? Any info greatly appreciated so there are no wrong answers here. Just wanted to get some informal insight on it if anyone had any to offer, is all.
  4. by   sirI
    Here is the description from Kaplan:

    Career Choice Wizard - Life Care Planning Training Schools

    I utilize Life Care Planners in my business when figuring the long-term pain/suffering timelines as well as future potential earnings.

    Interesting link from a Life Care Planner:

    And, here is a link to the Life Care Planning site:

    The life care planning site, IALCP
  5. by   Lacie
    I've done a few life care planning for worker's compensation insurance companies. I did do most of my work from home although it does take a great deal of telephonic work and research. Also visitations to the client and physicians involved. Basically figuring out the estimated cost for those who are permanently disabled. Home visitation included recommendations and cost to renovate for the particular disablity involved and any other care, therapy, equipment etc that is needed. It's not hard but can be a lenghtly project. Life care planning didnt come up that often in my line of work at the time. Check with Corvel Corporation depending on where you are as they are national. That's where I did most of my cases from. Also it can be used in court hearings regarding settlements etc. Hope this helps alittle bit. I just found it not to be my forte so to speak. I enjoyed medical case management as a whole but didnt care much for the life care planning assignments myself.