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Where were you when you got your acceptance letter to nursing school? How did you feel? The year was 1984. I had come upstairs from checking my mailbox in the dorm at Memphis State, opened the... Read More

  1. by   CountrifiedRN
    I was on vacation at my moms house at the Jersey Shore. I had just moved to my new home and had my interview before I went on vacation. I called the nursing dept secretary and was told that I was on the waiting list for the program. I was so anxious wondering if I would get in for that year. The secretary said you never know, you can keep checking and I'll let you know if anyone has cancelled. She probably regretted those words, because I called her daily to see what number I was on the list. Finally the day came that she said "you made it! you are number 80!" (Yes, we started with 80 students!) I was so excited I felt like driving home immediately so I could get organized, but I stayed at my moms for the rest of the week as planned.

    Next year, I will be finishing school (hopefully) and taking my boards, and I'm sure you will all hear from me when I get my results!
  2. by   MPHkatie
    OMG- I really don't remember getting the acceptance letter, I don't think I even saved that, but I do remember boards. I made the mistake of taking them before 4th of July weekend, waited 11 days (I know only 11) which wasn't so bad, except folks who took theirs after the holiday got their scores before I did. I was convinced at the time of the test that I passed, after a few days of waiting, I became less confident and really nervous (as I knew I couldn't continue to afford my one bedroom apt without the RN salary). When it was all said and done, I had lost 11 pounds, and I still remember the feeling when I saw my name come up on the web site.... wow, what a moment that was. and what a relief for my family and my current employer!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   RNforLongTime
    I'm from Ohio too, not a native though but I married one and it's been my home for the past three years. I live in a little town on the OH/PA border called Conneaut, it's right on Rt.20 also has an exit off of I-90.

    Anyhoo, when I got my acceptance letter to nursing school, I was at my mailbox and it was the middle of February. I tore the letter open as soon as I saw it and jumped for joy! I first attended a hospital based diploma program, flunked out with two trimesters left and then went to college to get my Bachelor's.

    I took my Boards in PA in August of 1997. I was able to find out my results over the phone by calling the State Board of Nursing and asking if a license had been issued for me with the SSN#... I took Boards on a Wed. and had my father call the SBON for me cause I was too scared to know the following Monday. Well, he called and after he got off the phone, he gave me a great big hug and said congratulations Kelly, you passed!! At first, I didn't belive him. He said, I'm not lying, you call them yourself if you don't believe me! Then I started screaming and jumping up and down and popped open a bottle of champagne that I'd been saving from my college grad. party to mark the momentuous occasion! I shared it with my brother, in fact, he drank more of it than I did! What a great feeling that was! And I had my license in the mail that Saturday!