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  1. what to know if there are any legal nurse consultants out there in PA? I am thinking about doing the Vicki Milazzo course and want to know if anyone has done her course, what they think about it and if they were successful starting a business for themselves or working for a firm? Thanks!!
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  3. by   Neveranurseagain
    You might get more responses if you post this under Legal Nurse:Legal Nursing - Nursing for Nurses

    If you do a Google search on this page (right hand corner next to title) and put in her name you will find many hits.
  4. by   jstanrs
    I know that in the Dallas area, most nurses working for law firms do so as Nurse Paralegals and do not make anywhere near the money Ms. Milazzo talks about. Expert witnesses are well-paid, but I don't know that LNC certification plays a role; it's more about clinical expertise.
  5. by   grandmawrinkle
    I've heard that course is a scam and there are not many jobs in that field, and also that the pay rates on those ads are hugely inflated. Buyer beware - you might not get out monetarily of what you put into a program like that.