Leadership in your last nursing semester

  1. I just started my last semester (finally!) and i am really starting to feel intimidated. The instructor was making it seem like you really are out there on your own as a real nurse. How was it for you? Am I worrying for nothing?
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  3. by   lauralassie
    Yeah, they're right. You are. I remember when the realization hit that when I signed my name RN. It ment that I was responsible. There wouldn't be an instructor standing behind me with worldly god -like knowlege.But, you will soon find resourses and confidence to carry on. Just hit the pavement running and enjoy. Now is the time for you to start spreading your wings. A little fear never hurt any new nurse. It's the new grads who have it all figured out that I worry about. Don't let some of the treads scare you. It's just us old foggies venting. Some day you'll be one of us.
  4. by   suzy253
    I remember taking leadership in my last semester of school. It kinda freaked us all out but it is great experience for the real world.
  5. by   all4schwa
    I started as an RN in august. I literally felt like I was faking it, like I was an imposter. But I made a point to keep that on the insided and carry myself with confidence. When a patient asked how long i'd been a nurse, (I said less than a year because it sounds better than saying 2 months), she was so impressed because she figured I'd been a nurse a lot longer! That meant my faking it was paying off, plus you start to convince yourself that way. I'm 5 months in now, and I do really feel like the nurse now. I come in, get an assingment, and hit the floor running....g.luck!!
  6. by   ElvishDNP
    You feel like you don't know anything when you start out. You do know stuff, but it's mostly in your head. There is a massive amount of on-the-job training, and everybody has to go through it. Lauralassie was right...it's new people (new nurses, new doctors, you name it.) who "know everything" who are really scary.

    Once you get out there you are on your own, but you are not truly alone. If I had a nickel for every time someone helped me -- by teaching me a new skill, showing me a trick for an old skill, checking on my other patients while one is going downhill -- I'd be a rich lady. Most places are like that, at least in my experience. Some new nurse jitters are common esp in the first year. But hang in there...it does get better and you will remember what you need to. Good luck!!