Late name change. Worried.

  1. Hi all.

    I recently got married and have been going through the piles of things to get my name changed on. I went on to the Texas Board of Nursing website and got the instructions on the FAQs page for going about doing this.

    No where on that FAQs page does it say it needs to be done in 10 days, however upon further investigation of my own I found a rule that states that it needs to be done in 10 days!!
    I didn't even have my marriage license in hand in 10 days. I was still on honeymoon and it hadn't even come in the mail yet. Yikes!

    So more than 10 days later, I am just now changing my name to my married name. I've been signing all nursing documents/charting/etc with my maiden name until my license changes, but now since it's been more than 10 days and I didn't know this bc it didn't state that on the FAQ's sheer I'm worried I'll face disciplinary action!!

    Anyone been in the same shoes, or similar? Just kind of worried that I just noticed the 10 day rule!!!
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  3. by   SolaireSolstice
    I don't see anything that says you have to change it within ten days of the name change. I see that it will take THEM ten days upon receipt of the name change information. It would be ridiculous to require notification within ten days of a name change. I'd like to see where you got the information "on your own". But if you are that concerned, you can call them or e-mail.
  4. by   OncRNMichelle
    [color=#ff0099]i personally believe that is just a "guideline" they would like you to follow. i got divorced and didn't change my name within 10 days. i wasn't discplined. congrats on your marriage!
  5. by   Dixielee
    Many people don't change their name at all after a marriage. After my second marriage, I didn't change my name on anything for a year just in case it didn't work out If you want to change your name, then just go through the proper process as soon as possible and don't worry about it. I did find that I had to go to the social security office first and change it there before I could even change my driver's license. It can be a tedious process if you have a number of things that need changing.
  6. by   classicdame
    don't fret. You are doing the best you can. Be sure to change your SS card and notify HR about that change.
  7. by   Vespertinas
    I forgot to do mine altogether. When I applied to a new job with my new name, somehow it got automatically updated and I didn't hear a peep. Between credit cards, driver's license, bank accounts, health insurance, social security, and lord knows what else it could make your head spin
  8. by   nurseprnRN
    oh, good grief. if this makes your mind go to "disciplinary action," i can't imagine what you'll think will happen when you forget to give somebody her colace. double-secret probation?

    trust me, the board of nursing disciplines people for many things, but i doubt they have a clerk position funded to chase down name change "violations" like this. sense of proportion here.