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  1. has anyone out there been using lantus on their units? any problems? hypoglycemia? have you seen just qd dosing, or are some of your mds doing bid? thanks for any responses! have a great weekend!
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  3. by   misti_z
    We started using it a couple of weeks ago. No complaints here, haven't noticed in problems with blood sugars either. I've only seen qd dosing, I think. Patients don't like that it can't be mixed and given in one injection.
  4. by   Terrie
    We have been using lantus on our unit and have seen a lot of hypoglycemia. We are to the point that we are checking glucometer readings every hour. The doc's are only ordering it qd. It is supposed to be started at 10 units and titrated up as needed until you get the therapeutic dose needed. I have found that the doc's are not starting at this low dose and that is why we are getting so much hypoglycemia. Educate your physicians.
    I hope this helps.
    Terrie RN
  5. by   MRed94
    We've been using it, and I think the whole thing depends on the diabetic patient. We have one that is stable, and one that is brittle. The stable patient is doing very well with it, and the brittle one is off of it now, and back to regular and NPH. We just couldn't get him stable enough to use it.

    Doctor didn't even KNOW that it was supposed to be given at HS.....

    Go figger....Nursey told him...



  6. by   Nurse Jenni
    We've been using Lantus one one res. for 3 months now. He's not very stable on it though. For the first few weeks it worked ok but now his checks have been at least in the 2-300's. He's getting QD dosing at HS, he's up tp 96 units! but doc. is still sticking it out. We're also up to QID accu checks from qd in am.
  7. by   night owl
    curiosity is killing my cat! What is lantus dosing?
  8. by   mustangsheba
    I just came across Lantus last week and was lucky enough to hit on the evening the pharmacist came around to give an inservice BEFORE it became available on the floor. The concept is good and theoretically, it should work well to keep the brittles more even. I was under the impression that most would have to have additional coverage with R and NPH. The intent of Lantus is to even out the highs and lows. The instructions do not say to dc other insulins, just don't mix them. Nightowl. Lantus is given qd at night.
  9. by   misti_z
    Lantus is a new insulin. Looong acting.

    Found this website
  10. by   golfRN
    thanks to everyone for replying! appreciate your help and info! thanks misti-i went to that web site last night. from what i'm seeing/hearing, not too much experience with lantus out there. i'll update any info/problems i find. hope you all have a great week!