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Don't ya just love it when important info is NOT relayed to you in report??? AHN asks me this morning, "Did the Doc come and see our possible suicidal resident?" HUH??? :stone ughhhh....NO...We have... Read More

  1. by   ceecel.dee
    I hate the opinion commentary in report from some! "This patient doesn't need to be here any more!" "Why does he need hourly neuro's anyway!" "I think his wife is just tired of listening to him." "He's so lazy that he won't even hold his own inhaler!"

    Just starts the shift out on such a negative note. The need-to-knows only please! I don't want the patient colored negatively before I even meet them.
  2. by   shannonRN
    i work on a med/surg floor and a coworker was telling me about report they got one morning......our charge tapes for the whole floor. she decided it would be easier if each nurse taped. the problem is that some of these nurses haven't given report since nursing school. well, after each individual had finished, the charge went in and gave updates on almost every single one of our 33 patients?! the kicker is the majority of our patients are surgicals and they never mention the type of surgery or when they had it.....they also turned off the tape and stopped listening 50minutes after they started report. how can a 50 minute report not tell you anything about your patients? someone should invent a standardized report sheet....a collaborative effort from those awesome nurses addicted to allnurses!!!:wink2: