Lab tests and medications for Statis dermatitis????

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm in need of an RN's help! I have a paper to do for nursing school and my patient had statis dermatitis on her legs d/t her diabetes (type 2).

    For my paper I need to stick with one disease that was pertinent in my assessment (statis dermatitis) and I need 3 kinds of meds that would help this condition

    and 3 lab tests.

    I was thinking just acetaminophen for pain in her legs...but what else? and the Lab tests... i have NOT a clue.

    Can someone help?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Just a few simple basics, is it is a dermatitis, then you have inflammation going on, what would you want to check? WBC Your patient is also a diabetic, with any type of infection, what happens? The glucose normally goes up, so what else would also want to know?

    You are probably going to need something with more pain relief than Tylenol for this? And why?
    What types of meds will help with inflammation and how can they be given?