Lab coats

  1. Hi all. Can we wear either the long or short white lab coats? I see many nurses wearing the short ones. Can we wear the long ones too or is that primarily reserved for the doctors??

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  3. by   NebbyLPN
    I think it would depend on what your work place says you can wear.
  4. by   Epona
    Thanks. Yes.. I am aware of that. I was just wondering what the usual standard was on that. Do most wear the shorter?? Is it Ok to wear a longer one??

  5. by   JBudd
    There's no right or wrong about it. If you are worried about giving the wrong impression by what you wear, just look around your workplace and see what others are wearing. Personally, I like the longer style because of the pockets being right where I can easily put my hands in. Haven't actually worn one at work for years though, we just had to put them on when we went in the facility the night before clinicals to get our assignements and research our patients, (as opposed to wearing a uniform when we weren't going in to provide care).
  6. by   neneRN
    The only nurses that I see wearing the white lab jackets at my facility are the higher ups, i.e. house supervisors, nurse managers, clinical nurse specialists, and educators...and they all wear the longer ones. They are supplied by the hospital and have the individual's name and title embroidered. I don't know that we have any specific policy saying that the rest of the nurses can't wear these, but I don't know that I've ever seen a staff nurse wear one (except for the regular scrub jackets in white)
  7. by   Epona
    Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the input. That is exactly what I was looking for.

    Thanks again! E :spin: