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    I hope everyone's had a great summer so far!

    I am a BSN student from Mississippi who will graduate in about 4 months. After I graduate, I will be moving to the Knoxville TN area because my husband is going to UT. I was wondering if anyone out there is from the Knoxville area and can give me some tips on the hospitals there. I have contacted the nurse recruiters at Baptist Hospital of East Tennessee. They are very nice and extremely helpful but, of course, no one knows the pros and cons of a hospital like the nurses who work there.

    My main concern with a hospital is the type of orientation program they offer. For instance, the hospital I currently work at as a tech offers a 6 month internship to new nurses for general med-surg floors and a 9 month internship for new nurses in the ICU/PICU/NICU/SICU/CCU. I would be very comfortable with this, however, some hospitals in the area offer only a two week orientation regardless of unit or floor.

    Again, if anyone has worked in the Knoxville area or currently works there, I would greatly appreciate any information you could give me.

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  3. by   mystc42
    I spend alot of time in knox and also know an agency nurse who has worked most all hospitals up there. She said that the UT med center is about the best you can work for (they really care about their employees, plus just a general all around good hospital). She also mentioned she liked Baptist, but that is about all i can tell you. Hope everything goes well
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    One of my friends recieved some money toward college since his mom was a nurse at the UT hospital in Chattanooga - it is the same system, I think. I do not know if this applies to spouses or not - you might want to check into that!