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  1. there are scads of books out there about knowing when to leave your lover, but i don't know of one that would help me know when to leave my job! i have been happily working at a small hospital for five years, and have been fortunate enough to make a great salary which enabled me to pay off debt, buy a house, and pay for college tuition for my kids. the down side is that i have had 14 managers in that span. i put up with each change, and made the best of a bad situation, because i know my job. now, however, the latest manager has me stressed out. it is no longer worth the money, it seems. every time i drive to work i am stressed before i get there. there are always new policies, new rules, and new threats about "if this is not done by will not be allowed to work!" my significant other says to deal with her, and put up with her for the money, because she will be gone the way of the others before long.....however, this time, my heart isn't carrying me. it will be a huge pay cut for me to leave and go somewhere else. has anyone else been through this. it is a long drive to work, and i am tired of that, as well. however i will be working twice as much at another hospital to make the same money. the hospital is in jeopardy. many docs have left already, and nurses have been laid off. is it worth the stress to hang on, wondering about the future, for a hefty paycheck? have you been through this? i never know who will be working with me in the intensive care unit anymore. it could be a nurse with no experience, or someone with lots, who is a traveler. i have had some wonderful experiences with nursing, but now all i think about is following all the rules to the letter, and completing all my paperwork to management satisfaction, knowing that it will be reviewed. help. maybe you see something that i don't.
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  3. by   life-time-learner
    I have not been a nurse for very long but I have been in healthcare for about 11years. I understand the frustration of comeing in everyday with new rules and the time limits that you have. All you can do is your best for the time that you are there. You know that you have to do the charting whenever there is a change or whenever you medicate or do a treatment. It sounds as if you are going through what everyone I know is going through. The real question to ask yourself is have you stopped careing? I don't care how much a nurse or aide gets paid it will never be enough for what they do...the good ones anyway. If your pay meets your needs for your bills and you have breathing room I wouldn't let someone run you off. So again ask yourself do you still care about what you do and who you do it for. Hope that this helps good luck
  4. by   nickos
    Gosh vivere, that sounds like a tough position you are in. Are you making good money as in don't have to work much to pay the bills, or enough to sock away some for emergencies while you think over the job hunt? I think if you feel it is time to go, it is time to go. I understand that must be tough when your SO is wanting you to stay; but how happy does that make you (and how good of a partner will you be if you are miserable in your work?) Good luck with your decision. I think it will all work out.
  5. by   lpnflorida
    What you are hearing from your manager is much the same as we hear. The sheeeeeeeet rolls down hill so to speak. Our policies also seem to be constantly changing. We not only deal with our patient, but the unrelenting compliance compentencies.. Not having a core staff is an issue. Why do so many leave? Were their issues what you are feeling today?

    How burned out are you feeling? Will this feeling be different elsewhere? This would be what I would ask myself. Often times the grass is not greener.

    Maybe , it's time for a short vacation. Often times, a break away from work ,helps me to put things in perspective.
  6. by   morte
    if you are not the ins carrier; and agency work is available, that is what i would do...
  7. by   FireStarterRN
    I think now is a good time to put feelers out with other facilities. You don't have to do anything rash, but yes, it's time to think about moving on.

    I hope your significant other can be supportive about this and step up to the plate. Tell him/her that if you get another job it will also be good money, usually facilities in the same region have similar wage scales.

    I was in a similar boat, was in a small hospital for 8 years, was burnt out, sick of the constant melodrama and instability. I made a change and it's been a big improvement in my life!
  8. by   vivere
    Quote from morte
    if you are not the ins carrier; and agency work is available, that is what i would do...
    Thank you for responding. I AM the insurance carrier, for five of us. That is part of the dilemma. It is not just me. I very much appreciate everyone's thoughts as I mull this over.