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Hey folks, Just wanted to say I had a call tonight at work from a kind nurse from a local hospital (I work at an answering service), and I mentioned that I knew I could not handle her job. She... Read More

  1. by   dwoodruff
    Thanks for sharing another great story of the care provided by a loving professional. There are still many nurses who provide kind and respectful care to all their patients. I know some nurses are burned-out and rude, but so are cashiers, lawyers, bus drivers, etc.

    I think most people look for what they want out of life -- if you look for the positive, that's what you will find. I choose to look for those who love nursing and want to provide great care. If you are interested in other nursing "success stories" check out

    Keep those positive stories coming!

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  2. by   lissagirl
    I will share my kind nurse story with you all

    I had a very severe case of MVP, causing all sorts of probs for years. In February I had heart surgery to repair the valve. I had many kind nurses around me throughout this experience and there are a few that stand out but my fave of them all was my ICU nurse. She was with me the entire night after my operation and this gal was so on point and so caring and comforting. We had a discussion about nursing during the early morning hours and she was very sweet and ready to talk to me in a very open and respectful way ~ of course I was on morphine and may have liked anyone at that point but my family all agreed that she was the greatest and they were very pleased at the care she provided.
    When I moved on to my regular recovery room I had a really lovely nurse who was very encouraging. I never wanted to walk the hall like I was supposed to and she always cheered me on everytime I got outta bed! I really looked forward to seeing her every day and missed her alot when I had to leave.

    I had a few detached nurses but no altogether rude ones at all.

    also I had been seeing a cardiologist every 4 months for years before this and the nurses in his office were all great ladies as well.

    AND I cant forget when I was getting prepped for surgery, I had been left alone for a few minutes and I must have looked a little nervous. I nurse walked by and I smiled at him, one of those polite hello type smiles and he said "You must be a model, you have a beautiful smile." Hehe I am sure he was just trying to loosen my up and it worked
    Nothing wrong with a little flattery after being shaved from one end of your body to the other really makes you feel a little better, lol!

    Nurses are great people and I love you all~