Kaiser Permanente LAMC March 2017 New Grad Program

  1. Hello everyone!

    I didn't see a forum for Kaiser LAMC's upcoming March 2017 new grad program so I wanted to start one! Please share your current application status, feelings, anxieties, and experiences here. Good luck to everyone applying!
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  3. by   jewels08
    I applied! Hoping to hear something
  4. by   Kratoswife
    Some people already received the email to schedule an an interview already!
  5. by   chocolatebuns
    aw man really lol ^ still nothing for me!
  6. by   Cujothebadger
    I just want to clarify a couple of things since I was one of the people who received an email to fill out a secondary application. The secondary application has two short answer questions and several yes or no questions related to the position. At the very end of the secondary application form, it asks you to select your preference for potential interview days/times. It's not a guaranteed interview. I don't believe any one has received actual interview offers yet. However, interview dates are January 3rd and 5th so if you don't hear back soon, I'm not sure you will.
  7. by   pinkuu
    I filled out the secondary application as well. Good luck to all!!
  8. by   Kratoswife
    LA +USC wants to interview me! I think I will just stick with them!

    Good luck everyone!!
  9. by   murse.b28
    Quote from Kratoswife
    LA +USC wants to interview me! I think I will just stick with them!

    Good luck everyone!!
    Which unit are you interviewing?
  10. by   Kratoswife
    Quote from murse.b28
    Which unit are you interviewing?
    The OR! And I'm super nervous!
  11. by   Cujothebadger
    Hi everyone,

    I received an email today for an interview at Kaiser! Did anyone else get one?
  12. by   iheartmarshall
    Hi! Congrats on getting the email! I'm still waiting on mine. I'm starting to feel like I didn't make the cut, but it's ok! Did anyone see that Anaheim's just opened up? Once again, good luck to everyone applying .
  13. by   jewels08
    Oh awesome!! Thanks for letting us know!

    How did you find out ? Just happened to look?
  14. by   pinkuu
    Anyone going to be there on Jan. 5th? That's my interview date. Super nervous. Anyone have any idea how this is going to go down? 4+ hours for a new grad interview just seems like an awfully long time.

    When was the Anaheim job posted? Totally missed the ball on that one