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I swear some people just pretend to be nurses or have no idea that being an RN involves taking responsibility for ones own actions or lack of. The other day I worked with this nurse who like me... Read More

  1. by   Scrubby
    Quote from Batman25
    I do see you both as equally wrong. I think your wording could have been better as you knew you8 had made a mistake at that point. Pointing out you both need to be more careful in the future would also have been appropriate to the situation and could even have been said in private to her. You both made a mistake. It happens. Most importantly the patient was okay and in the end that is most important.
    True, I should have spoken to her afterwards and said that what she did was wrong because it's something we both have to check.

    Maybe my wording could have been better but hey I saw someone about to do something that may potentially harm the patient and my first reaction was to jump in and stop it, I did not intentionally set out to make her look bad or anything like that.

    Perhaps I should have said 'I think that's full strength betadine I poured, I'll get you some half in strength instead".