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:confused: Ok heres the problem. New pt. 73yo dx, esophageal ca with mets to lungs, liver and bone family can't except pt is terminal. They refuse comfort care in hopes father/husband will get strong... Read More

  1. by   hapeewendy
    thank goodness for that
    if I see another patient gasping for his or her last breath and suffering in their last moments only because his or her children think that they are going to recovery I'm gonna scream...
    everyone should be able to die as comfortably as possible
    if something should happen to me , I will make my family so obviously aware of my wishes, that in the event they dont follow what I want, I will come back and HAUNT THEM!
    I understand that family members can often not come to terms with whats going on and the dying process , but I had a patient once who's family would not let us give him morphine because it "made him too sleepy"
    so yeah writhing in pain is much better
    I try not to judge but sometime this poor heart of mine just aches for these patients....
  2. by   deegal.lpn
    new update: This patient went to be with the lord in peace today. He's in a better place now than we are. congrats MR. XXXXX.
  3. by   deespoohbear
    Glad to hear the family came to their senses....but I have a couple of questions for you?

    1). Does your hospital have an ethics committee that you could have brought this case to?

    2) Surely someone is covering the Social Services department while the other Social Service worker is recovering. I can't imagine the state board of health or JCAHO allowing for that.....

    Jenny P-

    What a nightmare family....sounds like the doctor didn't have any balls to stand up to them either.....if my family ever would do something like that to me, I would come back and haunt them for the rest of their life, so help me.....
  4. by   deegal.lpn
    I work in Long-term care. We have nurses covering the MDS part of the job. Our Doctor is from India and has some different views on death and dying. He tends to look more @ the medical side of things than the social. He's a great doctor always teaching us new things. Very supportive of us and backs us up always. Remember the saying dead people don't sue, There families do. I think this is why a lot of doc's tend to go along withn the families wishes.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN

    What a great patient advocate you are! Glad our years of experience were helpful to you. I'm sure your patient was grateful for you intervening + the pain relief.

    You'll have this expereince to carry you forward in future battles on behalf of patients.

    Welcome to allnurses and hope to see more of your posts!