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  1. Hey everyone!!! I've been lurking here for a few months reading your posts(which by the way has given me some excellent advise). Anyway... My question is, How many of you worked as a CNA or NCT before becoming an RN, and do you feel it was beneficial?

    I am currently in nursing school (2 sem. left) and I just started working as a NCT floating in a hospital. So far I don't really like it. I feel like I have spent so much time trying to critical think and learn meds and well.... basically prepare to get my degree that I feel like I've stepped backwards by taking this job...I do however like working with the patients and the nurses have been wonderful in helping me learn more. I just feel like I do my vitals feed my patients, chart I&O's, bathe patients and then Im like la la la la.. Im bored out of my mind and cleaning or talking with patients until the next time I need to do vitals. Meanwhile the other NCT's do their vitals and then they just dissapear..... They are nowhere to be found..I don't know if they go home and take a nap or what but they're GONE.. Does this happen at other hospitals?

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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I was a CNA before I became an LPN, and then an RN. Yes, I found it beneficial.
    And yes..... CNAs (some) are known for disappearing.

    It has even been said that CNA = Continually Not Available.
  4. by   debRNo1
    Originally posted by Hellllllo Nurse
    It has even been said that CNA = Continually Not Available.

    I was never a CNA but was an LPN before RN. Was it benefical- YES

    I think being in the hosp. is a good experience for you right now take advantage of it !

    And yes CNA's tend to disappear (and then reappear like magic)

  5. by   happystudent
    Hey... you should take this time to absorb by watching and listening........dont feel you need to be 'super tech '.....I am a tech now in the Er...I too have two semesters left till graduation.....I take my extra time(inbetween traumas and stocking) to talk to my pts..........YOU will soon have your time to shine when you pass those boards............. just enjoy being able to sit and talk w/ your pts......The Rns I work under always say how they miss the one on one............

  6. by   Noney
    Nurse Shark, I went from CNA to LPN to RN. Yes it is helpful. The best part is later when the CNA says your don't understand how hard my job is..... You get to say: As it happens I myself was once doing your job....
  7. by   nialloh
    Originally posted by happystudent
    just enjoy being able to sit and talk w/ your pts......The Rns I work under always say how they miss the one on one............

    Ditto. I was a nurses aide for 2 years while I put myself through nursing school. I loved being able to spend time with pts. I also was shown how to do a lot of things I only heard of in school. Use this time wisely, it will put you ahead of the game when you get your license. You won't be such a newbie.
  8. by   WhiteCaps
    No, I didn't work as a CNA but I wished I had when I got in school. Just don't think that you won't be doing any CNA work when you get to be an RN! Ever heard of Primary Care? And just who do you think does the CNA work when they are MIA?
    You actually can make a lot of VERY IMPORTANT OBSERVATIONS doing baths and feeding pt's! You can use your critical thinking skills to observe their skin condition, swallowing ablility, mental status etc. If you don't like taking care of those things or talking to pt's you may not like nursing! We don't just push pills and write care plans all day!
  9. by   Nurse Shark
    Thank you for your replies everyone. Whitecaps to you I don't belive I said I didn't like taking care of my patients. I said very clearly I think that I enjoy the patients and the help I have received from the RN's. My point or complaint mainly is that I don't understand why a facility has so many CNA's that simply do go MIA, and why does it seem that everyone turns their heads to that. I am always on the floor during my shift and I even stay to help out wherever I am needed. When I have extra time I visit with my pts, Ambulate them around the floor, and of course find work to do. I guess I just do not think that a company should pay workers to disappear or to stand around or as I have seen many times leave the floor for hours to go visit friends on other floors. IT IS WORK. Not social time. Also just to vent a little more I get really sick of hearing CNA's telling me I let the nurses take advantage of me ..No I don't... I am working to get the advantage and to learn all I can.. I will be a great nurse because I do like my patients. Sorry if I didn't phrase my original post clearly.
  10. by   WhiteCaps
    Nurse Shark - Sorry, my mistake! I must not have read your message clearly. Forgive me. Sounds like you'll be a great nurse!