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  1. i'm 9 weeks pregnant and work on paeds ward, apart from the obvious chickenpox, menningitis, x-rays, T.B are there other things i should keep away from? I was told by a friend (not a nurse) to avoid D&V too. I won't be moving beds or cots either. With my last two pregnancies i bleed in the early stages till i was 15 weeks and miscarried before that. They were born healthy children. I'm just concerned as you would be.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    also stay away from patients who are CMV+
  4. by   UK2USA
    And stay away from chemo!!!

    Basically, you need to call up your health and safety officer, plus the infection control nurse and get them to compile a list for you.

    Good luck with the pregnancy
  5. by   CST
    Does anyone have experience with using a computerized medical record software system and doing charting by exception. Our facility went to this type of system recently. I have great concerns regarding charting by exception and a computerized medical record. I would appreciate any feedback to this question