Jobs for during nursing school

  1. I am currently 16, and I know that I am most likely too young to work at a hospital, but I am going to be starting my second semester of pre-nursing classes (electives/general classes needed for nursing). It may not be possible, but are there any jobs I can get now, or at least in a couple years I can get at a hospital before I graduate nursing school? Or are there any jobs that I can get a certificate for and then work at a hospital? For example I have my PCA certificate, but I would like to get a job at a hospital to not only get experience, but also learn things that will help me better understand the concepts I will be learning at nursing school.
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  3. by   Crush
    Working as a CNA either at a hospital or even LTC will both be of benefit while going through nursing school. You'd get good experiences either way. Good luck.
  4. by   mmc51264
    HH aide is another option. I did that throughout nursing school.