1. I'm graduating in May this year and then going to Spain for about 15 days in June. Basically, my start date when applying for jobs would be July 1st. My question is: is it too early to start applying for jobs now? Others are doing it and it seems encouraged, but July seems so far away. If I apply and put that as my start date, will they be unlikely to call me back? Are they looking for people who can start ASAP afted graduation? Should I apply closer to graduation? Or do they like to hire you (even this early) so they know they have you on board? I keep hearing mixed opinions but I'd love to hear some of your guys thoughts. :spin:
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  3. by   matchstickxx
    It really depends on the hospital and sometimes even the unit you are applying to. My hospital has monthly hospital-wide orientation. Some units, our NICU is one, have special classes for new grads or nurses without current NICU experience. These classes are not offered every month and could impact the hire date of a nurse. Call and talk to the nurse recruiter at whatever hospital you are interested in. They can give you more details.
  4. by   matchstickxx
    Forgot to add, it probably isn't too early to apply. I know some nurses who didn't hear anything for months after they applied at certain hospitals in my area.
  5. by   hope3456
    I'm in colorado, and the hosp. where I work wont accept your app. until you can show proof that you registered to take the nclex, and they wont hire you until you passed. Believe me, it really messed up my world for a while - but different places do it differently.

    Some places only hire 'new grads' once or twice a year. I would check with the human resource office of the facility you want to apply to.

    Just out of curiousity, where are you located??